lundi 7 juillet 2014

Baron Rouge t3. Case de la planche 25.

Baron Rouge t3. Case de la planche 32.

El Baron Rouge estará en Sofia...(2)

This year, from August 15 to September 15 will be held Sofia Comics Expo.

We are invited to attend many famous artists. Addition to the national selection (10 best artists of the comic) of:

Czech Republic,
and Bulgaria.

At Expo will also participate:

Philippe Xavier (France),
Carlos Puerta (Spain),
Drazen Kovacevic (Serbia),
Henrik Kim-Rehr (Denmark),
Thomas Ott (Switzerland),
Pierre Alary (France),
Aleksi Briclot (France),
Dan Panosian (USA),
Tom Tirabosco (Switzerland),
David B (France),
Dan Brereton (USA),
Andrew Robinson (USA),
Étienne Davodeau (France),
Nicolas de Crécy (France),
Juanjo Guarnido (Spain),
Antonio Altariba(Spain),
Laci Vladimir Krstic (Serbia),
Boris Talijancic (Croatia),
Victor Kalvachev (Bulgaria),
Jacques Tardi (France),
Nicolás Alessandro and Julián Rocha (Argentina),
Jeffrey Cruz (Australia),
Enrique Fernandez (Spain),
James Harren (USA),
Reinhard Kleist (Germany),
Benjamin Flao (Belgium),
Manuele Fior (France),
Jean Gibrat (France),
Emmanuel Lepage (France),
Pascal Rabaté (France).

Who have confirmed their participation and already send their works.